How to Use A Rice Cooker For 5 Different Foods

If you have a rice cooker lying idle in your kitchen, it will be amazing to know that there are many other ways to make use of it while being guaranteed of excellent results. Cooking with the appliance will only require that you follow the necessary rice cooker instructions thus obtaining the desired results.

Cook your favorite rice

You can easily prepare your favorite rice using a rice cooker than cooking the same using a stovetop or a stove. All you need to do is measure the appropriate amount of rice using the available measuring cup and rinse it properly before commencing with the cooking process. Once fully cleaned, drain it and at this point you could choose to soak it for some few minutes based on your preference.

Then put the rice in the inner pot and place it inside the rice cooker before covering the lid. Plug the cooker and switch it on and allow the rice to cook according to the rice cooker instructions. Your cooker will switch off automatically when the cooking process is complete but do not lift the lid until the steam has escaped to allow the rice to cook properly. Leave the rice in the cooker for 10 to 15 minutes before opening the lid.

Steaming vegetables

You can use your rice cooker to steam both frozen and fresh vegetables with ease. All you need to do is put the required amount of water in the appliance and then put the vegetables you intend to steam in your steamer basket. Your vegetables can be seasoned before steaming but this will depend on your preference. After positioning the steamer basket in its rightful place, close the rid safely and start your cooking. Different types and amounts of vegetables require different amount of time and therefore you should consider this during the steaming.

Making bread in a rice cooker

Your rice cooker can be used to make yummy breads. The size of bread make will be determined by the size of the appliance and therefore you will require a big appliance if you intend to make a bigger bread. You will also appreciate that there are many rice cooker bread recipes which you can choose from and these will make your work easier and enjoyable. You can make a banana bread or cornbread using the rice cooker or even consider other suitable recipes depending with your preference.

Rice cooker made cakes

You can effectively make different types of cakes using a rice cooker. This process is not difficult if you are able to follow the available cake recipes and the available varieties are limitless for you. You can use your rice cooker to make dark truffle chocolate cakes or even opt for a carrot cake depending with your preference.

All you need to do it to follow the necessary rice cooker instructions and cook your cake for approximately 2 hours. When doing this, you will need to wet the rice cooker pan with oil before emptying the cake mixture in to the appliance. It is important to note that your rice cooker is likely to shut off before 2 hours are over and in case this happens, restart it again and let it cook until you are satisfied with the progress.

Rice cooker made soups

Soups are the easiest to make using a rice cooker. You only need to follow your recipe but always make sure that you do not fill the cooker beyond the set limits as this could see your soup boil over causing undesirable mess. Rice cooker can be made using canned soups but if this is not possible for you, just use your creativity to come up with something exciting.

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